relax dispositif complet


the adapted and adaptable device.

RELAX is a French device! Discover its power!

RELAX, is a real support for the caregiver.

The device supports the caregiver in his or her care and facilitates it. Quick to set up, Relax is an additional tool in the medical arsenal. An audiovisual sedation solution designed and entirely manufactured in France.

RELAX has been designed to fit perfectly into the care pathway.

We went looking for the best of the French know-how in audio, the best of the French know-how in video, the best of the audiovisual realization of animation, the best of the French know-how in the conception, the realization and the assembly of components and elements to propose RELAX.

An almost flawless adaptability !

Relax can be adapted and used in various and varied specialties, Ambulatory, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Surgery, Orthopedics, Implantology, Gynecology, Oncology, Palliative... There is not a day of presentation of our device without a new use being identified. Thanks to its adjustment to the sight going from +2 to -5, the device adapts to a great majority of the people wearing glasses. Thus, because of its size, the device will suit all medical bodies !

A decrease in comfort drugs.

Indeed, the device will allow patients to have a reduced recourse to comfort drugs. A reduction in the time spent in the recovery room, a quicker return home. Positive effects for the patient as well as for the health establishment and consequently a decrease in costs for the social security.

RELAX, a device that fits perfectly into the "ambulatory shift" !

Thus, as you will have understood, the ability of RELAX to transform a procedure requiring GA (general anesthesia) into LRA (local anesthesia) allows to help health institutions in this transition, often quite complicated, in this ambulatory shift.

The ambulatory shift : what is it ?

Since 2013, our beloved health ministers have taken great delight in pushing the "ambulatory shift" to the top of their objectives, and for a good reason: we need to save money. And our American friends have understood this need to save money. Where France performs only 40% of its surgical operations on an outpatient basis, the United States doubles this percentage. In short, outpatient surgery means operating without the need for general anesthesia. Thus, the patient can recover at home and not in the health care institution. The advantages of ambulatory surgery are multiple. First, the patient does not need to stay in a health care facility far from his family. Secondly, it allows to save a lot of money, especially when we know that a day in hospital for surgery costs 1780€

Discover how quickly the product was taken in hand !As well as the testimonial of Doctor Jeanneateau.


The technical characteristics.

The technical characteristics.

Multimedia player with 7 inch touch screen.
IP 54 standard aluminum console housing.

→ In accordance with the IP54 standard, the housing is easily disinfected. Thus, it allows a possible quick rotation between different medical bodies.

→ A large touch screen to effectively control the device. You see in real time what the patient sees, so you can use it as a visual aid for hypnosis, staying in touch with the patient.

USB-A port.

A real plus of RELAX ! Indeed, you have the possibility to introduce your own media in order to make them available to the patient's vision.

Power supply and mains cable to medical standards.

You can choose between a 3m, 5m or 10m cable. Of course, whatever the size you choose, it will not cost you anything extra.

Cinemizer Oled video glasses.

→ If RELAX is so proud to be the only 2D device on the French market, it is because of these glasses. The 2D glasses allow an exceptional vision and adapted to 95% of the French thanks to the sight regulator (diopter). Much more energy efficient, this technology offers however images of a quality much higher than that of the 3D. The particularity of these screens is their size. Indeed, equipped with a screen of Oled technology, the glasses do not generate eye fatigue or blurred zone. Also, thanks to this technology, you do not lose anything to be immersed in the adventure.

FOCAL wireless LISTEN headphones.

→ We made the choice to select a headset with passive noise attenuation. This way, the patient will be able to stay in contact with his caregivers and easily communicate with each other. It was important for us not to isolate the patient. The headset is made in France, as is the whole device.

Eyeshield immersive device.

→ Thanks to this device, the patient is totally immersed in the image. Thus, he will be able to focus his concentration on the immersive videos made available. However, this does not cut off contact with the caregiver. It allows not only to free oneself from the very strong lights of the examination rooms but not only. Indeed, the Eyeshield is easily decontaminable and sterilizable in order to allow a fast rotation.

Rear handle

The rear handle allows for reliable attachment to patient or resident beds or chairs so that the device can be carried anywhere!

  • Microfiber cloth for cleaning video glasses.

  • Medical cart with 5 wheels and 2 baskets. The upper plate is tiltable. The cart can be shared between departments and allows the device to stay close to the patient.


Want to try RELAX and let your patients and caregivers enjoy it?