Kristelle Stel, president of RELAX

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" If we have created RELAX it is above all to help, it has always been the key word and the objective. Some people told us that it was a naive dream, but for 2 years now, we believe in it more and more. Yesterday RELAX was only an ambition. Today, it is a real support for many caregivers, and a relief for the patients under care. We believe in this device and in its capacity to help caregivers and patients to progress towards more adapted alternative care.



Après des discussions avec des cadres de santé de cardiologie du CHU de Tours, l’équipe RELAX se rend compte d’un problème qui marquera le début d’une année de recherche. En effet, afin de mieux négocier le virage ambulatoire, les hôpitaux ont besoin d’un dispositif les accompagnant dans la gestion du stress des patients pour permettre la réduction des drogues de confort. Le dispositif RELAX naîtra de ce souhait venu des soignants afin de les accompagner de la meilleure des manières.

2020 marque le début officiel de l’aventure. RELAX est lancé sur le marché et commence à venir en aide aux hôpitaux dans leur tâche philanthrope. Depuis 2020, RELAX aide au maximum les divers centres de soins et leurs patients ou résidents dans leurs problèmes respectifs. Ainsi, chacun pourra bénéficier d’un acte médical facilité.

L’avenir c’est avec vous que nous le construirons, du moins c’est ce que nous espérons. Nous avons de nombreuses solutions à vous proposer, et ne doutons pas qu’elles vous plairont au plus haut point. Pour ce faire, contactez-nous ou apprenez à mieux nous connaître, l’avenir nous réserve de belles surprises.

Pour résumer, Relax, c'est quoi ?

It is a 100% French made !

RELAX being the wish of a product resulting from the excellence of the French technology, our suppliers are selected with parsimony. By working with the best suppliers, we have created a product adapted to the changing medical sector, highlighting the French know-how.  In fact, why go to the other side of the world to find flimsy materials to make a product that only has constraints? On the contrary, we preferred to highlight the scientific assets of France. It seemed important to us to put this national technological power at the service of all.

Assistance to the person

As it has already been said, RELAX was born from a common wish of various caregivers to see their patients calm and relaxed without having to use too imposing and constraining devices. Thus, this objective has seen the birth of a device allowing caregivers to operate efficiently on their patients without being hindered during their manipulations. In addition, the device has helped many patients to understand their operations in a very different way. The medical examinations being the first source of stress, RELAX comes to relieve this weight created by the fear of the pain and the doubt of a badly arranged operation. 92% of the questioned patients wished to have again recourse to RELAX during their next operation.

The great limits of 3D and virtual reality.

3D. For more than 10 years now, this new technology has been taking more and more place. Although it provides breathtaking graphics, 3D is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is far from being perfectly suited to the medical field. Supplied in helmets that are far too large, 3D hinders practitioners' ability to act effectively and sometimes forces them to change their working methods. In addition, these overly large devices can endanger some patients during cardiology operations. Also, the ANSES has advised against this technology for children under 13 years old. Indeed, at this age children have not yet reached their visual maturity and this could cause malfunctions. In addition, these devices do not allow a good adjustment of the sight. They are therefore not properly adapted to people who need constant visual support.

RELAX, a device adapted for all.

Clearly, it is there that RELAX enters in scene. First of all, our device adapts to a very large number of French people thanks to an adjustment of adaptation to the sight going from -2 to +5. RELAX is currently the only device allowing an adaptation to the sight of the user. Not requiring significant eye movements, RELAX is suitable for pediatrics. Looking for information all around could cause dysfunctions on the vision of children. The cinema mode of RELAX makes it possible not to make efforts while benefitting at most from its visual epic (Oled technology restoring the natural light). As far as the caregivers are concerned, beyond the fact that their operation is facilitated, which is far from being a trivial fact, it is important to notify that they can escape during a short break from the world of constant movement in order to allow themselves a short time of personal relaxation.

Et autrement, RELAX c'est quoi d'autre ?