Here is the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) of RELAX. We hope that it will be able to guide you. However, if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask us so that it can help some.

The 10 most common questions!

Is it possible to try the device for free in my center ?

Of course we do! How could you trust us if we didn't offer you the possibility to check for yourself? Contact us in the way that pleases you so that we can make an appointment together!

How do you get started with the product ?

It takes about 5 minutes to get the system up and running so that it is comfortable for the patient and the caregivers. We provide training so that all your teams are trained.

Can caregivers use it ?

Yes, they will be able to use the device to take a well-deserved break during their break.

Is 2D really effective?

The Relax device has chosen a 2D vision because 3D is not adapted to everyone in a medical environment!

To better understand the strengths of 2D, please read our article on the subject !

Does the device cause headache and nausea?

Unlike 3D, the device does not cause headaches or nausea. In fact, with no extra eye strain and no physiological imbalance, there are no side effects !

What results have you obtained with your device?

On this point, we have conducted a study at the Arcachon Hospital. 92% of the patients wish to use RELAX again during their next operation. 33% of the patients can do without sedatives completely. The caregivers want to use RELAX again because of its speed and ease of use.

What if the device is dysfunctional?

In reality, although it is very unlikely, there is always the possibility that some item is malfunctioning. In the first instance, a replacement device will be sent to you urgently. Then we will take care of your device and by working only with quality French suppliers, we ensure a quick return on dysfunctional products. No need to send a component to the other side of the world to be repaired! That's the French strength.

How much is the daily cost of RELAX ?

The daily cost of RELAX is 8.5€. In short, this cost is much lower than your savings.

To learn more, please read our article on the ambulatory shift!

How many hours of autonomy does RELAX have ?

So that you can use it from the morning to the evening, RELAX holds an autonomy of 10h. Thus, the patients and residents will be able to be taken care throughout the day. Moreover, thanks to the cart, it is possible to recharge the device without making many efforts to move.

So you can recharge the device during your lunch break for greater safety.

Is it possible to benefit from a guarantee ?

If you decide to rent the device with an option to buy, you will benefit from a 3-year theft, breakage and repair guarantee !

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