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Utilisateurs de Relax depuis plusieurs mois, le CH de Valenciennes a adopté le dispositif avec la bonne humeur !

Merci à eux pour cette superbe vidéo de témoignage de leur utilisation de Relax !

pentes Misty

Stress and anxiety reduction, RELAX : the adapted and adaptable solution !

When faced with anxiety-provoking situations, Relax "Mood Diffuser" helps people manage their emotional overload through audiovisual distraction, which is an alternative to medication.

What is "RELAX Good Humor Diffuser ! ®" ?

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Relax, Relax is here!

RELAX Good mood diffuser ® helps patients and caregivers in reducing anxiety related to medical and surgical procedures!


By occupying two senses, sight and hearing, often at the origin of fear and stress, we limit the induced pain by diffusing media adapted to relaxation for all.


From this fact, RELAX allows a strong reduction of hypnotropic drugs, during the interventions.

Less anxiety for patients and less stress for caregivers but that's not all!

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They trust us.

- Name, Title

"These glasses are an integral part of the treatment process. It is to be offered to the patient before the operation to accompany him towards his operation. And it works, because some patients who have experienced these glasses and who have returned for an operation have asked me for this device."

        René Paul Demon

                 Executive of the Explorations Department

       Cardiological functions.

       CHRU TOURS - Trousseau

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You are in good hands!

A decrease in stress and fear of pain for the patient.

Easier intervention for the caregiver. 

Simplified management.

And again, you haven't seen everything!

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In summary, medical and surgical examinations are the number one stressor. Thus, the apprehension of pain is an important factor in this anxiety.

By making the intervention a pleasant moment, RELAX allows a reduction of the pain and the stress caused!

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      The care

RELAX allows an easy management, installing the device on the patient takes only 5 minutes!

Simple and hassle-free for both patient and practitioner, the device

assists the caregiver without monopolizing more time.

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What's more, what caregiver doesn't dream of calm and relaxed patients during an operation? Not only does the simplified management quickly help the caregiver, but they can also take a break with RELAX!

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Employés de l'hôpital
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100% French manufacturing!

Our suppliers are carefully selected, that's FrenchPower!

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An innovative start-up!

The advantages of RELAX are multiple, make the right choice: ask for information!

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Universal satisfaction!

They asked around, they discovered RELAX, they can't do without it anymore!

We are here for you !

Contact us!

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Some prefer to be called, others like to converse by e-mail. We have not made a choice for you.

On our contact page, you will discover a multitude of ways for us to get in touch.


Are you missing any information?

For all these reasons you want to try RELAX?

Or simply drink a coffee?

We are here.

On our contact page, you will discover a multitude of ways for us to get in touch.

We you
as quickly as possible
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